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Buldecor 21 is a brand that aims to give a complete solution to everyone who look for creating unique Living Interiors and reconnecting them to a modern contemporary style. We produce a wide range of furniture products that combine perfectly to create harmonious yet distinctive interior.

The luxury quality of our items is fundamentally based on the materials we use and the complex process of handcrafted techniques, all of which ensure a high quality product.

We love to take care of every small detail.


Bathrooms are one of most challenging and expensive rooms per square foot to furnish. Designing and renovating this space is time consuming, but it’s worth the investment. Buldecor21 believes that the Bathroom Space is the first one to be furnished.

Buldecor21 creates not only beautiful and modern ambience you live in, but connects the Living Interior to the personal character of the owner. The space you inhabit becomes your second skin.

Bathroom Furniture
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